About Us

About Us

Your VITALITY affects (fx) how you feel, everything you do, and everyone you know.  It is the main factor in the direction of your destiny. Your vitality fx the quality and quantity of your life and health. Your health fx your family, it fx your relationships, it fx your finances, it fx your level of happiness and joy, it fx your productivity and it fx your legacy.

With health care costs soaring, and people suffering from an ever-increasing number of stress and lifestyle induced challenges, it is essential that we find simple ways to help and bless people in all areas of their lives. When it comes to protecting the health of you and your family, the choices are simple.  You can choose the agenda of society (drugs, medications, invasive surgery, chemo-therapy, radiation, etc.) or you can choose to adopt a mindset of prevention.

We believe in a common sense approach to health and wellness.  We believe in sharing proven strategies, formulas, systems, products and resources that are safe, natural and effective.  The Vitalty fx team is whole-heartedly dedicated to empowering you to live a happier, healthier and more productive life.  We pray above all things that you would prosper and be in excellent health.

Why Vitality fx?

As leaders in the development of all natural health supplements, skin care, and wellness products, our focus has always been placed on extensive research, purity, safety, high quality ingredients, advanced equipment, and state of the art technology.  We have taken these core values not only to our individual customers, but to the many people and companies that share the same goals and values as we do.  We manufacture, distribute, and source out the most unique and effective products and services in the world and offer them to you at the best price that is possible.

Our staff is dedicated to our customer’s health and partner’s success.  Developing their knowledge and skills through proper education, training, and duplicatable systems are at the forefront of who we are.  All the divisions of our company are fully integrated.  We control and manage every aspect of our business from formulations, manufacturing, warehousing, order entry, shipping & handling, distribution, and customer service. This allows us to provide not only the best quality of products but also a personal relationship with all of our valued customers and affiliates to provide an excellent customer service experience.  We have taken advantage of all our key contacts and assembled a team of corporate professionals that excel in every department they oversee.

Although we ship most of our products directly from our main warehouse in Irving, Texas, we
have access to several large warehouses and fulfillment centers throughout the USA utilizing all major shipping carriers for quicker, more reliable delivery to any location throughout the country and the world.  We are here with one goal and one purpose.  To serve the needs of our customers in a way that will help them reach and exceed their personal goals in all areas of their lives.