Basic Detox Foot Spa System

$ 995.00

Foot bath spa unit with single unit with aluminum carrying case, 2 arrays, Far infrared belt,
polarized wristband, power cord and transformer (tub available for purchase separately)

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We are living in a very toxic world and often take for granted that the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath , the personal care, cleaning and beauty products we are using come from a pure source and are not contaminated with toxins and potentially harmful ingredients.The reality is that this is not the case and over time the build up of environmental toxins, either physical and / or chemical, overload our systems which the body uses to produce energy, cleanse and detoxify. As a result the bodies cellular matrix can not function at optimal states, creating a cascade effect for many physical ailments and potential health challenges including allergies, arthritis, fatigue, immune deficiencies, migraines, inflammation, cancer, heart disease, mental clarity and focus, memory impairment just to name a few. The VITALITY FX Detoxification Station was created to safely and naturally assist and enable the body’s natural detoxification and healing process. We provide Complete Turnkey Ionic Detox Footspa Systems for home use, mobile, business use and professional use. Our advanced ion therapy and cleansing system will provide natural energy balancing delivered in a relaxing foot spa treatment. Detoxing the body regularly is essential to good health and disease prevention.


Ionic Detox Foot Spa unit with carrying case

Power cord connector

2 Detox arrays

 1 Far infrared therapy belt

Vitality detoxification business system

Customer brochures

Professional marketing consultation

Detox foot spa technician assigned to your account

Complete warranty

Training & Instruction manual