Janet Burt’s

Hepler, Kansas

Before I was introduced to VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL, I was in bad shape. I was going through the change and my nerves and hormones were shot. I was sick a lot and my knees were getting worse. I was walking bone against bone in both knees. I had restless leg syndrome, hadn’t had a full night’s sleep probably in 2-3 years. The pills my Dr. prescribed for my nerves shot my blood pressure up. I was taking liquid Advil  Gel caps several times a day just to be able to stay at work. Many days in tears. My surgeon told me after my 3rd scope surgery on my knees that I would be back in a few years for complete knee replacement.  In December, GOD sent a friend to me. Judy Scales urged me to try VITALITY  FX ESSENTIAL. It was 3-4 months before I really felt  like I was getting some relief. I’m sure the nutrients in VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL was working on other things that needed help more than my knees.  After 2 ½ years on  the products, I have good flexibility in my knees, no hot flashes, no restless leg syndrome, no mood swings. I’ve only been sick 2 times in the last 2 ½ years, and each time only 2-3 days of discomfort, nothing bad. I thank GOD everyday for these products and I will be taking them for the rest of my life.

Dianna Akers

Belgrade, MO

I have suffered with fibromyalgia, depression, sinus pressure, migraines and daily headaches for over 16 years. The VITALITY FX line of products has changed my life. I was taking several supplements averaging over 25 pills a day. I know the VITALITY FX products are being absorbed in my body because I began to see results that I had never gotten from my pill forms. My symptoms from fibro are almost completely gone. I’ve had no sinus infections the entire time I’ve been on these products. I’ve only experienced 5 to 6 headaches in a year which is less than I normally had in a week. Thank you GOD for bringing these products into my life. Another great benefit is I am losing weight and inches  and my clothes are loose, Thank GOD!!!

Joan Haagenson, RNC

Garretson, SD

I am writing this to tell you about the excellent results that I have had since I began using VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL and the rest of the VITALITY FX family of products.  I began having severe debilitating headaches when I was a young girl, and continued having them throughout my adult life. Most of the time the headaches would occur as often as 5 days in one week. Each night of the week I got progressively worse as the fatigue from the work week and trying to cope with the head pain would wear me out.  Throughout that time I saw many medical doctors, who diagnosed me with everything from Migraines, to cluster headaches, to severe stress headaches. Each time they would write a prescription for a pain medication.  As a Registered Nurse, I knew that taking medications for pain was unhealthy, but taking them enabled me to be able to raise a family and work full time job. I took many Excedrin tablets on a daily basis and know that I am fortunate that I did not damage my liver.  Unfortunately although this kept the pain somewhat under control, I still was unable to function normally and my family suffered. Most of the time activities at night and on the weekend depended on “whether mom has a headache”.  Shortly after starting VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL, my headaches were gone, and we have been given a life again. I am able to share things with my family that I missed for years. I am eternally grateful to GOD for putting this product and this company in front of me. I will not ever stop taking VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL.

Janie Greenwalt

Steeleville, MO

I have had high blood pressure for about 13 years, arthritis for about 10 years and on cholesterol medicine for about 1 ½ years. Then Redux came out I started taking it until they took it off the market. After that I was diagnosed with a heart murmur.  The arthritis got so bad that when I would be walking across the floor and my knee would pop I would almost go to the floor. At times I had to walk with a cane. I couldn’t get up from the couch without help.  I started taking the VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL in the middle of April 2001. I didn’t notice any drastic changes like some people said they had in a week or two. About the third month of being on the product I noticed that I was able to get off the couch without help and my knee wasn’t popping anymore.  When I went to the doctor for a check-up and blood work. He told me he couldn’t hear the heart murmur. My triglycerides were down to 81 and cholesterol 132. He took me off Zocor and Vasotec and told me to just keep a check on my blood pressure and have blood work done in 6 months.  I believe all of this happened because of the VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL.

Terry and Cliff Walker

Kansas City, KS

I wanted to let you know how much my husband and I appreciate what the VITALITY FX products have done for us.  I have arthritis in my knees and had a terrible time going up and down stairs. Since using the VITALITY FX products I can use stairs without pulling myself up with the banister. I have had a problem with sleep all my life but about a year ago it got  much worse. I couldn’t get to sleep and then when I did I would wake up after an hour or two and not able to get back to sleep. Now I am asleep within just minutes of hitting the pillow and I sleep all night. It is wonderful! I have so much more energy and feel great!  My husband Cliff has AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis). It is an arthritis type of disease which affects nearly all of his major joints but is especially painful in his back and hips. Since taking the VITALITY FX products he hasn’t had to use any anti-inflammatory pills, which has been too difficult for him for quite a while now.  We both use and appreciate all the VITALITY FX products.

Phyllis Lynch

Girard, KS

I started taking VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL  when I found out I was a type II diabetic. At the time with other health problems of Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, diverticulitis and loss of one kidney, I was taking over $500.00 a month in 11 medications. I now spend $40.00 a month on medications, my diabetes is under control and I am on one blood pressure pill a day instead of two a day and I am off my hormones and stomach medications.  I have lost 26 pounds and am feeling great. I am totally pain free from Fibromyalgia and can eat anything I desire.  VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL will always be a part of my total body wellness plan from now on. Thank you VITALITY FX for giving me my life back.

Carolyn Kiesling

I am almost 54 years old and I can honestly say for the first time in several years I don’t feel it. Just six month ago, when I was first introduced to VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL, I was on five different medications and thought I needed them in order to “feel better” since I was getting “older”. I was told that I has IBS, very severe arthritis (in my ankles, could hardly walk) and probably just hitting the end of menopause. Talk about someone who felt like I was falling apart, I did.   Then they wondered why I had to take Prozac for my moods. I was taking Citracel and Carafate for my stomach, Voixx for my Arthritis and Evista for the menopause and also Doxepin to make me sleep. When I was told about VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL, I really had my doubts. And so I talked it over with my doctor. He said there wasn’t a thing in there to hurt me, plus I was paying over $100 a month for medication I was on, I thought why not give it a try. That was the most valuable decision I have ever made pertaining to my health. The first two months I was on VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL the first thing I noticed was the sleeping. I slept 6 to 8 hours a night and actually felt rested when I woke up the next morning. So I stopped taking the Doxepin and slowly weaned myself off of the Prozac. Two months later I thought I would try lowering my Vioxx (I was taking one a day). I was also taking 8 Citracel tablets a day. I am very happy to say that as of the last two months I am completely drug free!!! I am no longer tired all the time, I DO NOT HURT, and my IBS is either gone or under control. I cannot believe the change in my life. I am now working full time, attending my grandchildren’s events and babysitting them, working on my farm in my garden and taking water aerobics. I recommend to anyone who is 45 or older and wants to feel 35 to take VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL.

Gary Taggart

I started taking VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL and soon after had a Physical and found that I had high cholesterol. The doctor prescribed Lipitor and I refused to take it because of the side effects. I went back in six weeks and had another blood test and found that my cholesterol had dropped 27 points. In that time I broke two ribs and the doctor said I would be miserable for two weeks and feel it for 6 weeks. Within one week I could sneeze and cough without pain and within two weeks I could pick up my grandchildren, one weighing about 45 pounds. I was able to get on my tractor and also ride my horses after about two and one half weeks. I know VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL helped me lower my cholesterol and helped my ribs heal so fast. I also have a lot more energy. I told my doctor on my last check up that I refused the Lipitor and I showed him the VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL brochure, he said if it’s working continue to do what your doing. Thank GOD for my Vitality FX.


I suppose each of us think our story is unimportant when we hear the testimonies of our associates who have such a life changing experience with VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL. I have come to the conclusion that every person’s experience is important. May I share mine?  In November 2001 I decided I was tired of taking a handful of vitamins, etc., every day. At that time I was helping my daughter with a tea room in Kilgore, Tx.  My friend Gail Twitty came to the tea room for lunch. I noticed she looked like she felt much better than she had when I last saw her. I made a comment and asked her what she had been doing and found out she was taking VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL. Naturally, I was very interested so I got a bottle.  And in December, VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL was the only supplement I took.  My annual Physical checkup was due in February. Up until this time my doctor would tell me with each checkup to watch my blood sugar, watch my triglycerides, etc. When I had my checkup that February I was informed everything was fine. NOW, HOW BOUT THAT!!!  The Itis family completely moved out. I’m sure some of you are acquainted with Arthur, Bur, Tendon and all the Itis bunch.  I also had a very red itchy place on my leg near my ankle that did not go away with treatment from the doctor. Two weeks after I started taking VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL it was gone.  Besides feeling much better, sleeping better I have more energy and endurance.


I have been taking VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL for 3 years. I am in my 60’s and have had migraine headaches since I was a small child. The headaches were so severe that I would go to bed for as long as 3 days at a time. Doctor’s said that I was allergic to animal, dandruff, mold and aerosol sprays. I would carry medications in my pockets, cars, truck and my wife’s purse and always by my bedside. After 3 months on VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL my wife noticed the headaches were not occurring as often so we began to take notice and keep track. Prior to VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL I was having attacks 3-5 times a week. Then, they went to 1-2 times a month. Now I haven’t had a migraine for one year! It’s like living a new life. We are so thankful for VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL.

Heather Biggs

Grand Prairie, TX

I started taking VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL and it’s been more than three months now and my reported benefits are as follows: I sleep better, more sound and peaceful, I’ve received more energy than before, I feel more energetic, lively and more focused, I’ve also lost about four inches in my waist, my legs are more tone and I feel better than I ever have. The product doesn’t make me shaky and jittery like most products I’ve taken. That fact that it gives me more energy and also helps me sleep is very intriguing. I was surprised by that benefit just because usually a product that helps you with energy usually makes you unable to sleep or makes you fight sleep. With this product it is just the opposite, you have the benefit of energy throughout the day, and when it comes time to rest you can actually go to sleep. I don’t wake up groggy and cranky, I feel well rested and vibrant. The previous benefits have been more of a physical nature, but VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL helped me with my confidence level. I’m becoming more and more happy with my appearance, so this is improving my insecurities about myself.


Dr. Eddi Boyd N.D/PH.D

Nashville TN

Two years ago I was introduced to VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL and ever since I have personally enjoyed the benefits of this product. I recommend it to many people. It seems a lot of people get a variety of results with this product, ranging from weight loss, increased energy, regular bowel movements, better circulation, a feeling of well-being etc.. As a Naturopath, I focus on nutrition as well as natural supplementation in helping balance and heal the body. Most people want staying healthy to be simpler, meaning taking less medicine, less vitamins, minerals and supplementations. I have found that VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL is one of the easiest supplements to take and as well as being pleasant. It provides one’s body with essential nutrients and has many benefits with its list of ingredients. I am pleased with the blend and therefore recommend it to many people for a variety of ailments, including, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, fatigue, skin problems, ulcerative colitis, etc. and as an overall tonic for the body. The most important work in practice is helping a person find balance and most importantly proper supplementation with the best that is available. I search the world for some of the best supplements and VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL is another excellent product that I will continue to recommend.

Dr. Gary D. Gentry

Gentry Chiropractic Center


My name is Dr. Gary D. Gentry. I have been in private practice for 23 years now. In those years I have been approached by perhaps no less than thousands of nutritional products and marketing ideas. I tried several of those with no results and turned down hundreds of multi-level programs due to their public approach. Then one day an unpretentious lady came by non-chalantly and said, try some sample packets and IF interested, call me back. Well, being a private-type individual, I like her approach but better yet, the product is awesome. In six weeks I have lost 10 lbs. body fat, a belt notch, but more importantly, I look younger, feel more energetic and have been able to regain the ability to digest food without having terrible indigestion. My patients see the change and as a result, freely buy this product to help promote their wellness. I am happy to be in the VITALITY FX team.

Dr. Sammy Hardin

Hardin Chiropractic

McKinney, TX

I have several patients on VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL and plus 80 to 90 percent of them have experienced excellent results on it. Conditions from lupus, dermatitis, skin conditions, ulcers- the list goes on and on – have all improved. Bone regeneration, cartilage regeneration have also occurred.  As for myself, I have more energy; I sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. My recuperation power is remarkable and I am in better shape. I have lost a total of 35 to 40 pounds.  My mother had about with breast cancer and after her chemotherapy treatments she was still sleeping 16 to 18 total hours a day. After 2 weeks of being on VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL she was back to her old self. She won’t go one single day without it!

Kay D. Cox

Plano, TX


You know how much I love VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL, Bobbi and I will take them forever because I have had wonderful results with less pain and feeling better but since I started on the total body makeover – this program has transformed my life. I have been on the program about 8 weeks. I am wearing clothes I have not worn since 1995. I am in 2 size smaller slacks and skirts. I have lost 10 more inches bringing the total inches I have lost to 23 inches. I have lost 10 more pounds but 12 pounds of body fat. I have lost a total of 33 pounds. I am no longer obese. I feel the best I have ever felt. I have tried for years to find a way to stabilize my blood sugar levels and tried every diet you could imagine. If I lost any weight, I gained it right back. I would stand by the refrigerator at night and think – I am not hungry but I want to eat something. Now I have plenty of energy left at night to go walking. Sometimes I walk 4 miles. I hate to let a day go by without walking I practice breathing when I walk and I feel energy and strength as I feel the oxygen fill my lungs. I am reshaping my entire body. The whole program flows together and works. I have never seen a program that works so quickly and is so satisfying.  I eat a number of small meals a day and am never hungry. I have a replenish shake each day so I do not feel deprived of a treat. I never understood why I did not have success losing weight but now I realize my metabolism was totally shut down and this program has got it going again. I have run into old friends that I hadn’t seen for a while and they did not recognize me I have changed so much. Last Sunday I even wore a bracelet I have not been able to wear for years- I am losing inches over every part of my body, including hard to loose places like my upper arms and wrist and fingers. The sculpturing is shaping and toning my body better than when I was young, creating lean body mass and muscle. I can really tell the difference in how my body looks. My goal is to lose 25 more pounds and at least 15 more inches. I am excited thinking about the new dress I plan to buy for the Christmas Party. I have hated going into the store to shop, taking something off that rack that looked like a tent and when I tried it on having it be tight. Shopping for that new dress this year will be a definite treat no matter what it costs.

Jeanean Boyd

Registered Nurse

Conroe, TX

Started on VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL 10 months ago and was a life changing event. Was involved in a car accident in which left leg and foot where immobilized and as a result, had to use a cane to walk and couldn’t stand for long periods of time.  * After being on VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL for only 5 days and then only on 1 tablespoon, there was a dramatic change in the swelling of the left foot – greatly reducing the pain

* After 2 weeks – put down the cane

* Since the accident, energy level has been low but energy and stamina have comeback.

* More alert and just feels so much better

* Started the VITALITY Makeover system and lost 22 pounds and 26 ½ inches. Held weight loss even through the holidays.

Was worried that wouldn’t be able to dance at daughter’s wedding but Thanks to the dramatic changes she was not only able to walk down the aisle unattended by a cane but was able to dance.

Patsy Reynolds

Manteo, NC

Patsy Reynolds is a retired nurse and a Certified Natural Health Professional and Doctor of Naturopathy. Her business, A Natural Health Center is located in Manteo, NC where she has introduced VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL.  I am delighted to find a liquid product that has so many powerful ingredients. We have some clients who can’t swallow pills and capsules and this will really be such a help to them. Also, there are those who can’t afford to buy seven different bottles of products, this is going to be so very good for them.  While Nursing, I saw patients had more problems because of all the medications they were taking. One medicine lead to another and on to another and it goes. I knew GOD did not intend for us to live this way. My family was taking many medications and one was leading to another, this is the reason for my wanting to get into the natural health field.

The more natural the products that we use the better for our body. Natural really is the way to go and VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL is an all-natural product that is 100% assimilated. It goes immediately into the system working at the cellular level.  Please who have taken this product have very impressive testimonies. Many have received help for various chronic issues. I’m looking forward to introducing the full line of VITALITY FX products to my clients.

Milford L. Smith

Galesburg, MO


My name is Milford Smith and I was born in 1928 in a little town called Galesburg just about 12 moles North Joplin, Missouri. I was a very healthy child until I was 13 months old when I contacted Polio, and it paralyzed both my legs from my hips down.  I walked on crutches for the first 43 years of my life and became diabetic at about 35 years of age. I learned to live with pain which I have endured for most of my lifetime.  In recent years, I have had excruciating back pain from Post-Polio syndrome and the degeneration of joints in my back bone. I have been taking all kinds of OTC medications plus some prescription medications which the Dr. prescribed, but nothing seemed to help.  I was also worried about the gray color of my skin on my feet and toes due to such poor circulation caused by diabetes. I know what it can do because I have worked in Nursing homes and have seen people’s toes and just rot off from not getting blood where it is needed and I didn’t want that to happen to me. My outside fingers were numb from poor circulation, which made it difficult to handle anything without dropping it.  I have been very leery of anything new coming on the market and hesitated using VITALITY FX ESSENTIAL because of that, but when I noticed how much my sister had come to life, and the radiant new look on her face after being on this product for only few weeks I decided to give it a try. I started taking the recommended dosage and would not believe after the second day that the excruciating pain had left and I have been free of this pain now for more than 3 ½ months. My toes have turned to a nice pink color and my fingers are improving tremendously as time passes. It is so nice to feel good again and I would recommend this GOD given product to anyone.  I think it is cheap at any cost because it can make your life worth living again.