Wellness Outreach Worldwide

wowWellness Outreach Worldwide (WOW) is a non profit organization and an outreach company dedicated to teaching wellness with simplicity and understanding in a credible and caring manner so that it may be applied in a practical and effective way.  WOW’s goal is to be a leader in wellness and nutritional education with a vision of global wellness.  WOW understands that the blessings and joy come from blessing others.

Ministries: Wellness Outreach Worldwide supports the following ministries and we are confident that each one of them are credible organizations and they will be a blessing to others and to those who become partners with them.

world vision logoTo sponsor and meet the needs of children all over the world, visit the World Vision Website.

mercy ministries logoFor a ministry focused on abused young women, visit the Mercy Ministries website. Find out how lives are transformed and hope is restored.

life today logoFor a ministry focused on worldwide poverty and sharing the gospel, go to the Life Today website and find out how you can help.

eventell logoFor a ministry focused on Christian evangelism & witnessing tools, visit the Evan Tell website for clear and simple gospel.

john hageeIf you are interested in a ministry focused on blessing Israel and the Jewish people around the world, visit the John Hagee Ministries website.

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